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Casadenza stands at the forefront as India's premier supplier of thin slate stone veneers, offering an extensive range of natural slate products. Our thin slate stone veneer sheets are meticulously crafted by splitting natural slate into layers ranging from 1mm to 2mm thick. These layers are then reinforced with fiberglass and polyester resins, resulting in flexible panels with a total thickness of 2mm. Each sheet showcases the unique irregular surface and diverse color palette inherent to slate, ensuring a distinctive aesthetic in every application.

The lightweight and flexible characteristics of our thin slate stone veneers make them ideal for installations where traditional stone cladding would be impractical. They are perfectly suited for curved walls, partitions, columns, ceilings, wet rooms, bathrooms, doors, and furniture, offering limitless design possibilities. Our product line also includes translucent panels that can be backlit, adding a captivating visual dimension to any space.

Casadenza prides itself on offering competitive pricing for natural stone veneers, ensuring accessibility to the timeless beauty of slate for projects throughout India. Our panels are designed for straightforward installation, requiring no specialized labor or tools. They can be easily affixed to walls using adhesive and trimmed to fit using basic tools such as tin snips.

Transforming Spaces with Elegance and Versatility

At Casadenza, we are committed to transforming spaces with our diverse range of colorful and translucent panels. Whether enhancing residential settings or elevating the ambiance of commercial venues, our panels seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with practicality. Supported by our unwavering dedication to high standards of quality and service, competitive pricing, and an extensive product line, Casadenza ensures outstanding outcomes and customer satisfaction with every project.

Discover the possibilities with Casadenza and elevate your design aspirations with our premium stone veneer solutions.

The New Stone Age

Welcome To

The world's leading stone producer brings you the world's thinnest stone: S-tilestone. Stone Veneer

Eco Friendly interior products
Natural Real Stone Veneers
Greenguard Stone veneers
CE certified Stone Veneers

Casadenza, based in Japan with operations in India, stands as a premier supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of flexible stone veneers. With over 20 years of expertise, we specialize in crafting thin, natural, and flexible stone veneers that are globally recognized for their quality and versatility. As a trusted industry leader and brand, we supply our products across the world.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the practicality and cost-effectiveness of our flexible stone veneers. They are renowned for their ease of handling and straightforward installation, making them ideal for diverse applications including indoor and outdoor walls, as well as selected flooring projects. Casadenza ensures superior quality, durability, and innovation in flexible stone veneers, setting the standard in the global market.








0.8 MM - 2MM

  • Transform your projects

  • Slash your costs

  • Reduce your footprint

Discover versatility and style with our flexible stone veneers 

Available in 3 backings for the perfect blend of form and function.

Translucent - 2mm

Eco- 0.8mm

3D DIY Panels

Translucent stone veneers Backlit Veeners Alternate to Onxy
DIY Panel, 3d panels
stone veneer eco 0.8mm flexible

Benefits of Casadenza
Flexible Stone Veneers

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Where innovation meets natural beauty. Our flexible stone veneer panels redefine interiors, bringing a touch of timeless elegance to residential and commercial spaces alike. Crafted with precision and designed for versatility, our panels offer a seamless blend of sophistication and functionality.


Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Daiwa House
The Star
Keppel Land
Keppel Land
Peninsula Hotel
Benoy Architects
HOK Architects

Unleash Creativity with Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Light

flexible stone veneer panels mosaics luxury panels
Marble Veneers

Imagine the freedom to incorporate genuine stone in ways previously thought impossible. Our revolutionary 1mm stone veneers allow you to envelop spaces in the natural beauty of stone withouth the weight and installation challenges of traditional stone. 

Elevate your projects with the sophistication and durability of real stone, seamlessly integrated into both grand facades and delicate interiors. With Casadenza, your vision know no bounds.

Join us in leading the market with an innovative products that are poised to redefine interior and architectural design standards worldwide.

As a distributor for Casadenza, you will be at the forefornt of a new era, offering a produt that combines luxury, innovation and sustainability.

With our ultra-thin stone, transport and installation are revolutionized, opening up markets previously unreachable.



Unleash Creativity with Ultra- Thin, Ultra-Light Stone

A Groundbreaking Opportunity for 

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