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Frequently Asked Questions

This resource is designed to provide answers to common queries that you may have about our exquisite stone veneer products.


1. What are Stone Veneers?

Stone veneers are thin, lightweight, and flexible slices of natural stone. They replicate the appearance of traditional stone while offering versatility and ease of installation.

2. What Applications are Suitable for Stone Veneers?

Stone veneers are versatile and suitable for various applications, including interior and exterior walls, fireplaces, accent walls, and other decorative elements.

3. How Durable are Stone Veneers?

Stone veneers are highly durable and resistant to environmental elements. They are designed to withstand the test of time and maintain their aesthetic appeal.

4. Can Stone Veneers be Installed by Non-Professionals?

Yes, stone veneers are designed for both professional and DIY installations. However, we recommend consulting installation guidelines for optimal results.

5. Do Stone Veneers Require Special Maintenance?

While generally low-maintenance, stone veneers benefit from periodic cleaning. Specific maintenance requirements may vary, and we provide guidelines to ensure longevity.

6. Are Stone Veneers Suitable for Exterior Use?

Yes, our stone veneers are suitable for exterior applications. They are crafted to withstand weather conditions and maintain their integrity over time.

7. Can Stone Veneers be Customized?

Yes, we offer customization options for stone veneers, including variations in thickness, dimensions, and color. This allows for tailored solutions to meet specific project needs.

8. What is the Installation Process Like?

The installation process involves surface preparation, application of adhesive, placement of stone veneers, and, if required, grouting. We provide detailed installation guidelines.

9. Do Stone Veneers Require Sealing?

Depending on the type of stone veneer, sealing may be recommended, especially for porous varieties or those exposed to moisture. Specific sealing instructions are provided.

10. Can Stone Veneers be Used in Wet Areas, Such as Bathrooms?

Yes, stone veneers can be used in wet areas with proper sealing and installation. Ensure compliance with guidelines for wet or humid environments.

11. What is the Lead Time for Stone Veneer Orders?

Lead times may vary based on the product and quantity. For accurate information, please contact our sales team, who will provide specific details for your order.

12. Are Stone Veneers Environmentally Friendly?

Our stone veneers are sourced and processed with environmental considerations. They are a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for various projects.

13. Can Stone Veneers be Matched to Existing Stone in Renovation Projects?

Yes, we offer a wide range of stone veneer options, making it possible to find a suitable match for existing stone in renovation projects.

14. Are Stone Veneers Fire Resistant?

Stone veneers are inherently fire-resistant, making them a safe choice for applications such as fireplace surrounds.

Need More Information?

If you have additional questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are here to assist you and provide the guidance you need to make informed decisions about our stone veneer product.


+91 8130 202552


+91 8130 202552

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