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Casadenza - Thin Translucent Stone Veneer Sheets in India

Casadenza offers an exquisite range of translucent thin stone veneer sheets, setting a new standard in elegance and versatility. These 2mm thin stone veneer laminate sheets are designed to be backlit, enhancing the natural beauty of the stone with vibrant colors and stunning visual effects. Lightweight and flexible, they allow light to pass through, illuminating spaces and creating a captivating ambiance.

Special Features of Casadenza Translucent Thin Stone Veneer Laminate:

  • Crafted from 100% natural stone surface, ensuring genuine beauty.

  • Ultra-thin at 2mm, lightweight, and flexible, ideal for curved surfaces.

  • Suitable for applications such as bar countertops, ceilings, columns, counters, aquariums, and designer walls.

  • Can be easily applied using a vacuum press method.

  • Available in large sizes up to 120x240cm, accommodating various project needs.

  • Easy to transport, handle, and install, offering convenience and efficiency.

  • Environmentally friendly, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Casadenza's translucent thin stone veneer sheets provide an economical alternative to expensive materials like onyx and marble, while delivering the same stunning visual impact. Whether used in residential or commercial settings, these sheets illuminate spaces with the timeless beauty of natural stone, transforming interiors into extraordinary environments.

Explore the possibilities with Casadenza and discover how our translucent thin stone veneer sheets can elevate your architectural and interior design projects.

Tribal Pink Comp-2_edited.jpg
Tribal Pink Comp-2_edited.jpg
Tribal Pink Comp-2_edited.jpg

Placage translucide - 2 mm


Entrez dans un monde où le design rencontre l'innovation et où l'interaction de la lumière et des matériaux crée une atmosphère d'une beauté inégalée. Nos placages translucides redéfinissent les limites des possibilités de conception, vous invitant à vous lancer dans un voyage de créativité et de sophistication. Élevez vos espaces avec le charme lumineux de nos placages translucides, où chaque surface devient une œuvre d'art.


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