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Casadenza - Premier Stone Slim Veneer Company in India

Casadenza is renowned as one of the premier Stone Slim Veneer Companies in India, specializing in ultra-thin 1mm Stone Slim Veneer that combines real stone with a thin fabric backing. Our ultra-slim stone veneer is crafted from the finest stone slabs, making it flexible and suitable for any application, whether it's walls, pillars, or furniture.

The 1mm THIN Stone Slim Veneer by Casadenza is not only remarkably flexible but also easy to handle, economical to transport, and simple to install. It offers unparalleled versatility and can be applied to various substrates such as wood, MDF, concrete, metal, plywood, and more, making it perfect for decorative walls and furniture applications.

1mm THIN Stone Slim Veneer Features:

  • Made from chemically extracted natural stone layers like Slate, Quartzite, and Sandstone.

  • Bonded to a fabric backing with strong glue, producing an ultra-thin, extremely flexible laminate.

  • Ideal for any wall application or decorative surface.

  • Available in standard sizes like 61x122cm and 122x244cm, with custom sizes up to 122x280cm depending on color.

Self-Adhesive Peel & Stick Range: Casadenza offers a innovative peel & stick range within its Thin Stone Slim Veneer lineup. Featuring high-quality self-adhesive tape applied to the back of the 2mm thin fiberglass backing, this product is ready to use. Simply peel off the backing and apply the stone slim veneer sheet to a clean, dust-free substrate for strong, permanent adhesion.

Special Features of Casadenza Stone Slim Veneer:

  • 100% natural stone surface, enhancing aesthetic appeal.

  • Lightweight and thin (1mm or 2-3mm for peel & stick), suitable for curved surfaces.

  • Can be applied using a vacuum press method.

  • Large sizes available up to 150x280cm (1mm) and 120x240cm (peel & stick).

  • Easy to transport, handle, and install.

  • Environmentally friendly product, ensuring sustainability.

Casadenza's commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design ensures that our Stone Slim Veneer products exceed expectations, offering unmatched beauty, flexibility, and ease of installation for a wide range of architectural and interior design applications.

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当社の高級石材化粧板を通じて、自然の美しさと現代的なデザインが融合する世界への玄関口です。当社のコレクションは正確かつ献身的に作られており、空間を変革するための多彩なソリューションを提供します。あなたが建築家、インテリア デザイナー、またはビジョンを持つ住宅所有者であっても、当社の石材化粧板は、内外表面の美的および機能的可能性を再定義するテクスチャー、色、用途の領域を探索するよう誘います。

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